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It is very important to aerate a lawn regularly.


Aeration can be carried out at any time of the year, unless the ground is frozen solid or very dry. Aeration improves drainage and nutrient uptake. It stimulates soil microbes and their activity, which are very important in creating a healthy lawn. The professional aeration machines we use at First Lawns are fitted with different types of metal tines: slitting (fracture) tines, solid tines or hollow tines.


Slitting (fracture) tines

The machine uses its weight to drive blades into the soil. The blades are slightly offset and gouge the soil as they exit the turf leaving a cut in the lawn.


Solid tine aeration

The machine drives spikes into the soil. As the spikes are withdrawn the ground heaves slightly, which loosens compacted soil particles.


Hollow tine aeration

The machine drives apple corer type tines into the lawn removing plugs of soil and thatch. Depending on soil type these plugs may be left to break down on the lawn or can be swept up. This method of aeration has a direct effect on thatch levels without putting the turf under high levels of stress. We often use this machine when renovating lawns to bring soil to the surface and help enhance seed germination.

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