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Drought stressed lawns




Turf grass is a plant that consists of approx. 85% water and 15% dry matter, therefore irrigation or application of water is fundamental to survival and growth. The soil acts as the reservoir , supplying the major proportion of this water to the plant. The UK has just experienced the 2nd driest Winter / Spring for the last 100 years.


During dry periods the soil has a tendency to dry out, and without water the turf grass will enter into a period of dormancy and will eventually deteriorate leaving the lawn brown and disheveled, if no action is taken.


There are several things that can be done to reduce the problem :


Raise the cutting height on your mower to 11/2 inches .This will reduce drought stress in your lawn and help to reduce loss of water by evaporation.


Water your lawn : Not in the heat of the day , either the morning or evening , water the lawn during dry periods every 2/3 days ( little and often can encourage shallow rooting making the plant susceptible to drought stress , water your lawn : for 20-30 minutes each time .This will ensure the water gets deep into the soil and will encourage a deep rooted , more drought resistant plant.


Application of a wetting agent/ penetrate . This can be applied with other treatments to heavily drought stricken turf, and will allow dry soils to hold water better , thereby assisting in the recovery of your lawn.




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Drought Stressed Lawns










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