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Lawn Care Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about First Lawns and our lawn care service. Please click on any question to see the answer.


How does First Lawns differ from other lawn care companies?


We are independent of any network and can make decisions about our lawn care service based on local conditions and without reference to a remote head office.


Does First Lawns have access to the same lawn care products as the large franchised lawn care companies?


Yes we do. We may have more choice as franchises can dictate to their franchisees which materials to use.


Are First Lawns operators fully trained and licensed?


Any operator spraying pest control products will be qualified to do so, having succesfully undergone National Proficiency Tests Council training and examination.


If I use First Lawns lawn care service, will my lawn stay green during drought?


In common with any living thing, grass needs water to survive and thrive. Healthy, durable grass will retain it’s colour longer than weak grass but eventually it will enter dormancy and lose its colour until moisture returns.


How soon can I mow the lawn after each lawn care visit?


Please allow at least three days after we have treated before mowing your lawn