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Lawn Diseases


Red Thread:   


A fungus that lives in the turf causes Red Thread disease. Most turf has fungus of some kind in it, but normally you do not see the fungus or disease that it causes. During conditions of high humidity or wet periods, red thread may appear. In the beginning, you may notice small patches of grass leaves turning brown or pinkish in colour, starting to die on the surface. A few days later, on closer examination, you may notice red, thin threads in the pink patches. This is in fact the fungus ,fungus can also be spread by your lawn mower. Turf containing rye grass can be more susceptible, but it can be found on all species of turf grass in the U.K. , on very fine grasses Red Thread can be treated with a fungicide but in most cases is easily corrected with the right feeding regime.













Mushrooms / Toad Stalls :


Description:  Heavy rains can result in the appearance of numerous slime molds and mushrooms in home lawns. Although these organisms are often spectacular in colour and size, most are relatively harmless to the plant life.


Slime molds are primitive micro organisms that can produce white, purple, orange or brown blobs or patches of fungus-like material known as sporangia (spores).   They can cover turfgrass, strawberries, ornamentals, and numerous other horticultural plants. Slime mold spore masses, when mature, are powdery and break apart easily during rain or when knocked around by your shoes. The spores of the slime mold survive in soil or organic debris and germinate during wet weather to form motile swarm spores. Some of these spores fuse to become amorphous amoeba-like structures that engulf other organisms or organic matter. Slime molds can actually move or flow across soil or plant surfaces. Although unsightly, these organisms are not pathogenic to living plant material. Frequent mowing, raking, or brushing of the spore masses is usually sufficient to control the problem.











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