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Lawn Pests & Bugs.


Chafer Grubs:


Once mature, these grubs are very difficult to deal with and the damage caused by their presence can be considerable. Their lifecycle is between one and three years depending on species. Preventive treatment is best but that does imply treating the lawn before really knowing there is a problem.


Purchasing chafer traps and hanging them up in the garden in early summer will help to warn of problems and could contribute to control as the traps only trap males, reducing the numbers available for reproduction.


First Lawns applies preventive insecticide to lawns during early summer, which is taken up by the grass plant from the soil. When chafer grubs hatch and begin to feed on the roots of the grass plant they are affected by the insecticide and die.


The product we use is a neonicotinoid. We will not apply this insecticide to lawns full of weeds due to concerns that the insecticide could harm bees attracted to the weed flowers.


This insecticde requires thorough watering in once applied, or it will not do it’s job.


By late summer, chafer grubs in untreated lawns will have become pretty much invulnerable to insecticide treatment. If an infestation is detected at this stage the best control will be achieved by purchasing nematodes online, which you should apply to your lawn with a watering can after irrigating thoroughly.


Leatherjackets :


Leatherjackets are grey brown worms that become daddy long legs (crane flies). They live in the soil and eat the roots of the grass. Insecticides are generally very effective at controlling these pests.


Ants :


Ants do not kill the grass but are a nuisance, pushing large amounts of soil to the surface of the turf, which is then smeared into bumps by the lawnmower.


Ants are very difficult to control effectively but First Lawns has a very effective product that can be put in place to control the issue , we find that lawns that have been treated preventively with insecticide to control chafer grubs (see above) and leatherjackets generally help control allot of ant problems.









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