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During our Summer treatment we apply a feed to the lawn to see it through most of the summer.


The fertiliser granule used releases its nutrient according to the availability of moisture and warmth so it will speed up and slow down its release with the weather. It will virtually stop during a dry spell when the grass is dormant but when rain returns it will be there to help the lawn pick up. However, due to its coating, sustained heavy rain will not wash it through the soil all at once, so it will still be present to feed the lawn after summer downpours.


This feed will be combined with an application of weed control if needed,depending on prevailing conditions and the condition of the lawn.


If the weather is very dry the weed control may be supplemented or replaced with a wetting agent that will help the lawn to make good use of moisture if it rains.


Where chafer grub infestations are suspected, an application of granular insecticide can be carried out.



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